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It’s a funny thing about household lighting

Though it often goes unnoticed and under-appreciated, the lighting you choose can have a major impact on the look, feel, and style of your home. What’s more, the lighting system you employ can potentially raise the bar for household convenience and ease.
At Global Custom Integrations, we understand lighting to be a central component of your home’s ambiance. We also know that it represents an ideal opportunity for smart configuration and full automation. That’s why we’re proud to offer homeowners a range of products and services in lighting control—allowing you to take full control over household lighting through wireless remote or even mobile app.

Smart Lighting
At Global Custom Integrations, our aim is to optimize household efficiency and ease. That’s certainly doable through rigorous, custom lighting control. By enabling full wireless control of all household lighting, you can not only use precision in setting the perfect ambiance, but you can control your lights even when you’re not at home—great for boosting security or for conserving energy. Our team is proud to offer full design and installation services, and to customize your wireless lighting rig to meet your precise lifestyle goals—so don’t hesitate in giving us a call. Reach out to The House Of Audio at 973-460-9834 or


For nearly six decades, Lutron has been the undisputed leader in lighting control. When creating the first solid-state dimmer, technology and design were thoughtfully combined into an ergonomic silhouette that changed how we experience light in a space. With Lutron, moods are tailored, and occasions crafted all with the touch of a button.
The HomeWorks luxury system brings together best in class Lutron lighting controls, automated shades and Ketra lighting to harness the power of light throughout the home with sophisticated technology made simple. This integrated solution connects users to their homes in an emotional and personal way, allowing experiences to be perfectly curated whether relaxing, entertaining or designing a luxurious interior that reflects their style and taste.

Shading Control
Motorized shading control offers a custom and controllable defense against the sun. Protect yourself, your furnishings, and your artwork from harmful UV rays, control the temperature in your house, and adjust lighting depending on the time of day, all with the press of a button from the comfort of your bed. Motorized window coverings can connect with the rest of your smart home, and bring a level of illumination – and automation – that will forever change the way you interact with ambient light.

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