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Custom integration of Home Theater can enrich our lives in ways that make home living a joy and a pleasure

Going to the movie theater used to be the only way to experience a movie the way the studio intended it, but today's home theater systems have evolved to allow an even better experience from the comfort of your own home. While a dedicated home theater room can truly recreate the movie-going experience, today’s technology can bring the theater experience to nearly any room in your house and even outdoors. Enjoy 4K high-definition video and enjoy the simplicity to control all of your content such as Netflix, Hulu, satellite, cable, and more all from a single remote. We can even dim the lights and start the popcorn!

Home Media
Enjoy streaming movies, TV shows, and music in every room of your home. The latest app-based platforms allow you to receive content from multiple providers, often from a single device. Some of these can seamlessly integrate with your home automation system to provide you with the ultimate ease of use. We will help choose the solution that is right for you.

Home Theater Rooms
Our optimal setup for your home theater room takes into account every aspect of the viewing and listening experience, and achieves the most advantageous configuration for both. The environment you choose for your customized home theater is made into a very special place, where outside noises and distractions are blocked out, so you can be totally immersed in the experience. The acoustics are engineered to feature precise speaker placement, your video screen is positioned for perfect viewing, room lighting is managed to be perfectly in sync, and even the seating is set up for maximum comfort and enjoyment of sight and sound. In addition, the video and audio are delivered by advanced technology, capable of providing the ultimate in home theater enjoyment.

Distributed Audio
A central control can be set up to manage the distribution of audio to any room in your household, making it possible to have high-quality audio anywhere. Your audio management system can also store and retrieve playlists for special occasions like parties and gatherings to keep music hassle free. Speakers in the distributed rooms are carefully coordinated with their surroundings to provide an appealing visual presentation, and can be placed strategically for maximum audio enjoyment.


Distributed Video
Distributed video allows for tremendous flexibility in playing games, watching movies, or viewing television in any of the rooms of your home. Everything can be managed from a central control system, which means that separate controls are unnecessary for individual rooms. Not only does this reduce the footprint of control systems throughout the household, but the cost of redundant equipment is also eliminated.

Outdoor Entertainment Audio/Video
The current trend of extending household living to the outdoors can be easily accommodated with an outdoor entertainment system. Music, video, and lighting systems can all be configured to blend in optimally with outdoor surroundings, and the equipment itself is able to withstand the elements without damage or degradation. There's nothing quite like relaxing in an outdoor setting, with the perfect music system set up right within the confines of your backyard, on your patio, or around your swimming pool. You can also watch movies or television while enjoying the fresh air.

Hidden Audio Video
The great thing about a hidden A/V system is that it allows your television and sound system to become the featured component in the room only when you want to use them. When you're not watching television, playing games, or entertaining neighbors with a movie, the press of a remote button can conceal the TV screen behind some artwork or inside a cabinet.

Universal Remotes
If you've been in the same house long enough, you have probably accumulated a collection of remotes for controlling your television, stereo system, CD player, DVD player, and heaven knows what else. It can get to the point where you don't know which remote controls which system, and you're frantically pressing buttons on a remote that has no effect on the TV you're watching or the music you're listening to. With a universal remote, you can integrate all of your electronic systems, so that your video, audio, lighting, and more are all working together and controlled by one set of buttons. Nothing could be easier.

Performance Audio
The most advanced audio systems on the market today actually incorporate some of the best features of old technology along with the best features of newer technology, to create an incredible high fidelity sound system. Using computer-based integration techniques, you can create the best possible sound combination for your environment, which gets the most out of all your sound equipment, including amps, pre-amps, speakers, and receivers.

Performance Video
Even though there are tons of high quality equipment available for video display today, it won't take long for you to figure out what works best in your home environment, so that you can be watching movies, playing video games, and entertaining with your own home theater system. With just a little consulting from our team about Ultra HD, 4K 3-D, LED, OLED, Smart TV, and Front Projection you can determine what's best for your budget, and what exactly will provide the kind of visual entertainment experience you're looking for.

Audio-Visual Calibration
Audio/visual calibration involves fine-tuning the video processor in your television and sharpening the sound issued by your audio system, to levels that perfectly match the acoustics and the visual dispersion in your room. This generally involves test equipment for each system, used to produce the crispest color from your television, and the sharpest sound from your audio system. Since A/V equipment is rarely factory-set to optimum levels for the environment they will reside in, audio/visual calibration can be extremely beneficial for equipment, and thus for the people watching and listening.

Generally speaking, acoustics refers to how sound waves interact with all the objects in any given room. By this definition, it's easy to see that the acoustics will be different in every single room of a house, and in every house in the neighborhood. One of the most important practical considerations of acoustics is the placement of speakers, in terms of room location and the height at which they're positioned. The furnishings of a room also have a big impact on acoustics, because objects like draperies tend to absorb sound, whereas glass objects tend to reflect sound and disperse it fairly well. We make it our mission to position your speakers for best acoustic experience in any specific room.

Structured Wiring
The best way to think of structured wiring is to imagine all the communications cables for your audio and video systems as a single, integrated system of wiring. The big advantage to structured wiring is that it has a central location to which all the cables from individual systems are directed, with all the wiring for phone, video, network, and TV bundled together. Because all cables come in to the central wiring panel, any kind of changes are made easy, and troubleshooting is also much simpler. Best of all, it always results in more consistent signal quality for each individual system, because they all have the same source and receive the same signal level. This kind of wiring scheme also allows you to use high-quality cable throughout the entire network, giving you the absolute best framework for high-quality entertainment.

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